Engineering Design Holistic Workflow (EDHW):


Renatus Engineering best practice guidance to engineering managers for the delivery of technical integrity is summarized below.  This document highlights the key deliverables and activities throughout the lifecycle of a typical detailed design project.

  1. Detailed Design Is Broken Into Seven Phases:li>
  2. Scope Definition and Engineering Execution Strategy
  3. Commencement of Detailed Design
  4. Initial Design Development and Hazard Identification
  5. Initial Design Review & Audit
  6. Approval for Design
  7. Approval for Construction
  8. Design Close-Out

The workflow shown above illustrates the execution sequence of a generic Detail Design Project.  Some work can be undertaken concurrently however a sequential flow of work is the standard. As the deliverables and activities in each phase are completed, work can transition into the next phase.

Situations will arise when work will need to be done out of sequence, typically to meet a demanding project schedule. Use of this process allows the risks of out-of-sequence working to be identified and the necessary mitigation strategies to be put in place.

Renatus Engineering Quality Control Manager (QCM) will measure compliance with the workflow and ensure out-of-phase working is being identified and managed. The link below contains an abbreviated copy of the Detail Design EDHW Workflow Road Map and includes detailed descriptions of the activities, the key engineering disciplines and supporting documentation.

Sample SF330


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