What We Do

Inspection: We provide inspection services resulting in the generation of planning and programming documents needed for the “facility maintenance and improvement” decision making process. Most institutions have staffing to accomplish inspection and planning; however, they’re normally over tasked. Our services become a benefit to the customer when initial inspections services can be accomplished for less than 5% the cost of any realized projects.

Design: Inspection is the beginning and foundation of our design and construction services. We use state-of-the-art analysis and design tools as an integral part in our document preparation. An added benefit in using the latest and most stable (established) design tools is an increase in the quality control and assurance program over what would be expected from in house staff.

Construction: Increasingly informed clients are looking for companies that are demonstrably more knowledgeable, experienced and progressive. Understanding and using recognized best practice in construction provides Renatus Engineering with the opportunity to fully meet those business needs.  By embracing best practice we achieve better client satisfaction, happier employees, safer sites, and reduced environmental impact.

Our Vision

Someone once said selfishness is the greatest sin. The opposite of selfishness is reflected in the golden rule and other similar writing (When I was hungry, you gave me something to eat, …).  The vision of this company is to serve others for the greater good.  Service becomes natural, when you accomplish it via your talents.   As a group we’re blessed with many different talents; however, Renatus Engineering honed talents revolves around the engineering field. Using these talents to improve the quality of life for others is the mission we’ve been charged with:

  1. to educate the young in different trades associated with building communities;
  2. to provide material resources (food, clothing and shelter) for the poor, and the socioeconomically disenfranchised (nursing homes, job corps and head starts);
  3. to generate revenues for the above precepts by focusing our resources in marketing and executing facility inspection, design and construction for private, commercial and government institution;
  4. to develop partnerships that will aide in the accomplishment of above goals.

To reflect our primary purpose, so as not to lose our direction, this company was named Renatus  (a Latin word meaning re birth.)

what we Inspect

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