Facility/Property Condition Assessment


Renatus Services : A FCA is a total physical and financial analysis of the building and property. The in-depth information we provide serves as a tool in determining the total cost of ownership and necessary action required for re-capitalization.  The assessment documents detail the physical condition of the facility’s structure and major components.  Improvements that are addressed in the assessment address cost and time frame required prior to failure of component. Our assessments follow ASTM Standard E2018-08 for property condition assessments. Our experience covers a variety of property types found on many DOD installations:

FCA Boiler Inspection♦ Office Buildings
♦ Hangar
♦ Industrial Facilities
♦ Retail Stores
♦ Hospitals
♦ Research Centers
♦ Churches
♦ Warehouse

No two buildings are ever alike hence a different set of assessment criteria is required for each. Variables such as the importance of the facility to the customer (mission dependency index), age of facility (which is a good indicators of the Facility Condition Index), and especially the type of construction will have an impact on the criteria by which the facility will be judged.  The type of inspection selected is intended to maximize the return available to each customer.  For example an inspection geared towards a design as an end product or an inspection geared toward generating planning documents will vary greatly from a total facility inspection.   A design may examine of a single component (the structure, roof, electrical system, etc) to a comprehensive evaluation of all major systems and components including mechanical systems, electrical and plumbing systems, architectural (siding, roofing, doors/windows, etc). Reports are broken down into the following categories:

  1. Summary of Findings
  2. An executive summary of the overall general condition of the property, with an emphasis on any significant defects or identified problem areas.  Included is a description and analysis of key features, including architectural, site, and mechanical components,
  3. Occupants summaries questionnaire – intimate knowledge of the building’s current condition.
  4. The current physical condition of all major building components.  : Structural Frame, Building Envelope, Roofing, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems, Fire/Life Safety Systems and architectural components.
  5. Financial Projections for short, and long-term repairs for significant defects that were discovered during the inspection.
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