Structural Engineering


Our structural design modification services treat each project as a partnership, between the customer, architects, mecahnical dsicipline, electrical discipline, and potential contractor, so that everyone benefits. The foundation to achieving this is by engineering cost effective and timely design solutions (prior to the 30% proposal) that result in a solid relationships and mutual respect between clients, project designers and construction teams. Some example projects are listed below. 

  • Hangar 1 structural repair – Revit File
  • Fitness center addition
  • Post tension basketball court
  • Facilities Shop Structural upgrade – Revit file
  • Fuel farm slab and containment

Structural SOFTWARE packages used Revit, STAND III, etc

Our responsiblity as structural engineer’s is to design modifications that meets code and life safety standards.  Such designs are integrated into the aesthetic and functional characteristics that the architecture desires. Additionally, construction costs are critical to the viability of a project. Therefore, producing a design that maximizes structure efficiency is essential. We believe the ability to provide a design that meets all of these demands is the essence of good structural engineering.

Renatus Engineers is a firm that specializes in the design of government, commercial and residential building projects and the remodel and seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings. Renatus provides complete consulting services, including analysis and design preparation of construction documents and construction administration services. Renatus also provides risk assessment services including the preparation of Structural Due Diligence evaluations and Probable Maximum Loss (PML) reports. Our engineers are experienced in designing structures using steel, concrete, masonry and timber.   Our portfolio includes a wide range of building projects including office, research and development, manufacturing, industrial, educational, institutional, healthcare, warehouse/distribution, apartments, entertainment, retail, and single family residences.

Renatus Engineering integrates the architectural aesthetic and functional requirements of a facility with the most appropriate structural system. Our initial structural systems analysis considers the design requirements of the mechanical, civil, electrical, and landscaping prior to the final structural system design. Renatus encourages participation from the owner to better insure that the structural design contributes to an overall building cost that meets with the owner’s construction budget expectations.


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